Protecting Your Brand from Counterfeits

Protect your brand against counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution by making every product unique, secure, and traceable


Giving each product a unique digital Taguard identity (UID) allows consumers to verify the authenticity of products in real-time and shines a light on illicit markets for brands. Protect brand reputation and revenue as well as the safety of consumers with end-to-end supply chain visibility from production to consumption.



Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

Bluetooth beacons are small radio transmitters that send out signals in a radius of 10-30 meters (indoor) and up to 100 meters (outdoor), and up to 900 meters long range in open space. The advantages of beacons are obvious: They are cost-effective ( four to fourty usd), can be installed with minimal effort, determine a position accurately up to 1 meter and are supported by many operating systems and devices. The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) standard is also very energy efficient. Beacons can be used for both client-based as well as server-based applications. With beacons it is possible to detect the current floor.

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Embedding NFC tags into products or using a smart packaging allows customers to have confirmation that the product purchased is genuine and that they are not in possession of a fake. It is also becoming increasingly popular in retail as part of marketing strategies as it can help understand customer buying behavior, for example, when and where they interact with the products.

The tags, which can be read with a smartphone, can be linked to e-commerce sites, or specific landing pages providing more information about the product and the opportunity to purchase associated products, whilst giving access to added-value services such as exclusive content, special offers, invitation to VIP events or competitions. It therefore encourages customers to engage and build a relationship with the brand. 

The NFC which creates a link between the product and the digital (phygital) is an essential tool to revolutionise a marketing strategy.


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